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Apilus Permanent Hair Removal - Using our brand new Platinum 27MHz

Apilus - the gentle way to Permanent Hair Removal.  Using the Platinum with 27 MHz Technology - 25% more efficient.  Quicker and with comfort never before seen in permanent hair removal.

The Picoflash current, exclusive to the Apilus Platinum is so quick and concentrated that treatments are barely perceptible.  Just a few thousandths of a second suffice to completely eliminate the hair! Therefore with its PicoFlash mode, the Apilus Platinum is the ideal solution for comfortable permanent hair removal, whether on the face or any other area of the body.

 A new Sterile probe is used for each client, with Stainless Steel, Gold or Insulated Ballet Needles, or Pro-Tec with oval shape tips for a smoother insertion into the hair folicle, especially good for awkward to access areas such as under-arms and bikini area or with distorted follicles from years of plucking.

For 130 years Electrolysis has been and still is THE ONLY PERMANENT METHOD OF HAIR REMOVAL.  This technique permanently destroys the germinative cells responsible for hair growth. thanks to the insertion of a fine probe into the hair follicle and the application of a current adjusted to the type of hair and the area treated.

Electrolysis is the only FDA/medically approved method of permanent hair removal.

This life-changing treatment is performed by inserting a very fine, flexible needle into each follicle. A tiny amount of current is released which destroys the lower part of the follicle. Electrolysis is suitable for any gender, any skin tone and any hair colour. It is perfect for dealing with white, grey or non-pigmented hairs that other methods cannot treat. More people have had their lives changed by electrolysis than can possibly be imagined.

It was discovered by Dr Charles Michel, Ophthalmologist, in 1875 when he used it to remove ingrown eyelashes. He discovered that once these follicles had been successfully treated with electrolysis they were permanently destroyed and did not produce another lash or hair. Since that first treatment, electrolysis has been refined and perfected into the modern methods used around the world today.

How long do body areas take?
One of the most commonly asked questions are “How many sessions will I need?”
Body hair has a slightly different process. It isn’t generally controlled by hormonal influences so it’s possible for areas be cleared in a shorter time span.
However, elements to take into consideration are-
The length of time the hair has been there for, how much hair is there, the area in question, the final requested outcome, and the age of the client, previous removal methods, the tolerance of the skin and also the tolerance of the client. We also have to take into consideration how often a client can visit and how long for.
Once all of this has been discussed a treatment programme can be devised.
As you can imagine, it is almost impossible to answer this without seeing the area and going through a full consultation.

I have facial hair. How many treatments will I need?
Androgen (hormone) led superfluous facial hair in ladies  –
A tricky question to answer as there can be so many physiological variables. This can depend on so many different things such as – where the hair growth is situated, how much is visible, the type of hair growth, the reason for the hair growth (genetic, hormonal, medical reasons, PCOS etc.), how long it’s been there for, what methods of removal have been used so far. Self-perception also plays a large part.
We must also consider health, underlying medical issues and medications (both prescribed and non-prescribed) For a huge amount of ladies of all ages, unwanted facial hair is caused by hyper-sensitivities to androgen/hormone levels within the body’s blood supply.

At any point in time there is only about 30% of hair growth visible, even though there can be as many as 300 follicles per square centimetre of skin. This means that there’s a huge number of follicles lying dormant under the surface out of view. This is why regular appointments are needed at first as not all superfluous hair is growing at the same time. Very quickly you will be able to see the hair growth reducing throughout your treatments; slowing, becoming finer and much sparser. The pigmentation can also diminish lessening any previous colour/dark shadow.  Spots and blemishes from tweezing and waxing disappear very quickly and even the most self-conscious person can find they think less and less about the growth once treatment has started.

When the time is right for each individual follicle a new hair is generated and will eventually show above the surface. This is called the hair growth cycle and along with hormonal influences, is one of the reasons for many treatments. The length of this cycle varies between areas, faces can be a few weeks, and scalps can be 3-4 years.

If these hairs have been tweezed, waxed or threaded at all, this knocks the hair growth cycle completely out of sync. As these hairs have effectively been ‘ripped’ out taking epidermal skin with them and creating a follicular bleed (ever tweezed a hair then noticed a blood spot?) these follicles will be super-nourished by this blood which feeds the hair-growing stem and germ cells. Both the hormonal influences and follicular stimulation produce bigger and stronger hairs which become resistant to treatment.

Individual follicles are treated precisely with electrolysis which cauterises the blood supply, stem cells and germ cells which are all responsible for growing hair. The aim is to perform effective electrolysis treatments to both reduce the time of appointments and extend the time between each appointment. Most clients are recommended weekly or fortnightly treatments for the first 2-3 months. This time-frame allows hairs which were previously tweezed to regrow and allows us to see what extent of growth must be dealt with. (It can come as quite a surprise to clients that the 10-15 or so hairs they thought they were repeatedly tweezing are closer to 100-150 in number) Within 6-9 months the majority of clients will find their appointments have both reduced in time and are spaced further apart.  After a year or so, the monthly appointments have almost always halved in time. We aim to get to the stage where clients don’t require set appointments and only contact us when they feel an individual need.

Of course, each person is unique, as is their hair growth which is why your appointment schedule is created and adapted just for you.



The creators of Apilus Electrolysis were convinced that by using modern technology electrolysis could become a much more effective and comfortable technique.  They designed a computer assisted system that concentrates and controls the extent of destruction of the hair follicle, targeting only the germinative cells and thus preventing new hair growth.  This means that a more rapid permanent result is obtained than any other hair removal technique.


Prices start at £1.50 a minute for very small areas, (less than 10 minutes)

Existing clients £1.00 minute for all treatment areas over 10 minutes.

Treatment packages may be purchased.   Please ask for more information.








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