Hot Stone Therapy

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Hot Stone Massage is the application of thermotherapy using heated basalt stones. It is a very energising treatment, the client feels a very deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Heat from the stones increases circulation. Blood, rich in oxygen, is boosted. Lymph flow is stimulated boosting immunology. Tired, sore and aching muscles are relaxed with improvements in flexibility and strength. Tensions held at the deepest level are released. A truly unique treatment - embracing, healing, unforgettable. The treatment commences with a full body exfoliation, you will then take a nice warm shower, or I can remove exfoliator with warm toweling mitts.

The Hot Stone Massage commences on the back of the body, the skin is gently massaged with a selection of oils and the hot stones are placed onto your back under a towel. The legs are then massaged with detoxifying oils using the hot stones after both the legs are massaged the back is massaged. The client then rolls over and the stones are again placed on the upper body and the legs massaged followed by the abdomen, and the rest of the body ending with the scalp.

90 mins Full Body £65

45 mins 1/2 Body (either back or front) £35

Please allow time to adjust back into life slowly after your treatment.  You are very welcome to have a seat in the lounge after your treatment.  It is always recommended to have a glass of water after any massage.

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This is a truly relaxing experience and it is therefore recommended that you are driven to and from your appointment. This helps to continue the overwhelming feeling of inner peace. If this is not possible then you are welcome to sit in the lounge and gather your thoughts together or go for a gentle walk before driving home.

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