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Massage therapy has been used for relaxation and healing for centuries.  The action of massage on the skin increases blood flow, bringing oxygen to all the systems of the body and there really is nothing else that does this so well.  We all know that if something hurts our natural instinct is to rub it, we''ve done it since we were babies.  

Massage comes in different categories - gentle stroking movements - effleurage - up to strong movements to really stimulate the blood flow, and deeper massage techniques to break down knots.  Cellulite massage using a special mix of oils is for problem areas and the treatment includes exfoliation before the massage.  Try to organise your massage treatment on a day when you don''t have to rush off to anything too stressful so that you can prolong the lovely feeling of relaxation.       


 Swedish Massage         Full Body Massage   £45.00

                                       Back, neck & shoulder Massage  £25.00

                                        Express Back Massage  £18.00 either on its own or combined with another                                                  

                                        treatment such as Facial 


  Deep Tissue Massage

                                       Full Body     £50.00

                                       Back or Legs    £30.00


 Cellulite Massage (using aromatherapy)      30 mins         £30.00


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE                                                                40 mins £27.00

Used for centuries in Indian households to promote well being, increase energy levels, stimulate mental activity, alleviate headaches, muscle & joint pain in the face, head, neck & shoulders and upper back,  this is one of the original anti-ageing treatments!  


LUX MASSAGE CANDLES                                                              60 Mins £55.00

New from Italy, embrace a room with their light, heat and aromatherapy essenses.  Made from Shea Butter, Coconut Oil & Almond Oil these wonderful candles made with natural oils once lit provide a sumptuous medium to massage with, enveloping the skin with warm gentle softness.  The treatment starts with lighting the candle, then Noir of Hamman traditionally used in Turkish Baths to exfoliate and remove dead cells in a natural way without any damage to the structure of the skin.  The skin is now ready to receive the Lux Massage oil, warmed to 38 deg, which is drizzled onto your skin.  Pure indulgence for the body and soul.  price includes a candle for home use.  

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