Spa Pedicure


When your feet are soft, and cared for the rest of you feels so much happier.  CND SpaPedicure products are made using natural ingredients and smell so good.  The SpaPedicure starts with a soak in warm fragrant water, after your feet have been dried the cuticle eraser is applied to each toenail and then the cuticles are worked on with gentle pushing movements then Sea Serum is applied this has Super-Concetrated alpha-hydroxy acid serum to break down tough calluses, feet are then wrapped in a towel. Next the foot file is used to file the hard skin and then the feet are then rubbed with the Scrub, to exfoliate, polish, smooth and refine. A truly envigorating experience! Your feet are then gently rinsed in the warm fragrant water to remove the serum and scrub then dried and massaged with Marine Hydrating Oil and then  the Marine Cooling Masque is applied which is left on for five minutes after which your feet are rinsed again. After drying the feet are massaged with Cucumber Heel Therapy.  Nails are then painted with the clients chosen colour after which Solar Oil is applied to each toenail to assist with drying the varnish. If you have chosen to have the paraffin wax therapy this will be done instead of the Alpine Masque.  

Remember to bring your flip-flops with you when having nail varnish applied to avoid smudging!


CND Luxury Spa Pedicure   £30.00
Shellac or OPI Gel Pedicure exactly the same as above but carried out after
the nails have been painted with shellac or opi gel colour
Luxury Pedicure with heated boots or Paraffin Wax  £32.00
Express Pedicure with polish 45 mins  £25.00
File, foot cream & polish 20 mins


Minx Nail Enhancements £28.00
Minx with express pedicure  £35.00


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