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For the past 19 years I have been using Collin Skincare Products from Paris, for facial and body treatments.  It is a partnership that is successful - the products and treatments supplied meet the demands of my clients, my skills and knowledge allow me to improve their skin and body using the most up-to-date active ingredients.

The Brand, Collin Resultime was originally developed in Paris in 1957 by Dermatologist Dr. Gerald Lapinet.  Our pioneering Doctor was the first to use collagen in his anti ageing formulas which advanced the whole anti ageing skincare market at the time.  

Today, Collin Resultime introduces a 21st century approach to corrective skincare and, after much research, introduces PHYSIO COSMETOLOGY(R) which allows us to use molecules that are found naturally in the skin to bring immediately visible results on the youthfulness of the face.

Collin Resultime's Physio Cosmetology is an evolution in the knowledge of the skin.  They are deemed experts in the study of curtaneous molecules and experts in their way of working.  

Independant efficiency tests show proof of the products efficacy.  You will enjoy the result driven treatments whilst the pampering aspect of your visit will never be lost or forgotten.

 I use the full Collin range of products, a result driven, advanced, sophisticated skincare brand offering a complete salon treatment range and homecare line - and can offer a skin analysis and consultation with samples to try before you buy.

 A consultation is £10 but refundable against any purchase or treatment.

Collin Resultime Skincare Facials 

Collin was created in 1957 from the collaboration between a doctor and an aestheticienne, with a shared passion for understanding the ageing mechanisms of the skin and for cosmetics.

Together they created the Collin Beauty Clinics, whose professional treatments are inspired by techniques of cosmetic medicine.  Exclusively designed for the professional beauty salon. From the beginning Collin has been a specialist brand, offering you the best in cosmetology.

Collin is a brand specialising in beauty techniques that relies on the professional knowledge of beauty therapists.The expertise of the Collin professional treatments takes its inspiration from the latest techniques in cosmetic medicine.  The treatments are combined with the use of Collin home care programme to guarantee you visible results.  

Collin product ingredients are derived from 3 different origins:  

1.  Bio Technical  

2.  Plants  

3.  Marine  

Strictly selected active ingredients work not only to compliment each other, but also to work in synergy that results in a more powerful action on the skin.  Collin treatments provide visible, fast and clinically proven results.  No matter what your skin type, age or problem.  Many of our treatments are Patented so no other brand can have them.


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