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We pride ourselves on providing the best possible waxing service, for that we need the best wax.  Lycon has been available in this county for approx 17 years and we have had it for almost that long, so we have had it almost from the start!    Made using essential oils, it is recommended for use on all waxing for face & sensitive areas of the body.  Lycon Hot wax shrink wraps the hair and therefore leaves the skin without causing any trauma to even the most delicate areas. We offer 4 levels of treatment for the Bikini area: G String, which leaves a narrow strip in front and underneath; Brazilian, which leaves a narrow strip at the front, all off underneath, Hollywood, which is everything removed , which includes the between the buttocks and bottom. Disposable pants and wipes are available for your convenience.

Lycon Hot Wax is also used for underarms and facial hair removal, as it is perfect for sensitive areas.   Using only the finest ingredients, the market leader all over the world in spas and salons, it has long been the favourite of top models and actresses, as well as my wonderful clients!


I also have Lycon Strip Wax with is removed with a cloth strip for larger areas like legs and arms. This wax is a superior wax which leaves the skin remarkably smooth and without a sticky residue.   You will notice over time the reduction in the amount of hair growth after using this wax.


Prior to waxing it is important to arrive at the salon well prepared.  Wear loose clothing (or bring a change of clothes if coming straight from work). Exfoliation that day is essential for the most efficient waxing.  If it is your first time having intimate waxing done, it is even more important to read the following:

Contra-indications to waxing are:

Recent scar tissue from an operation

Skin disorders or infections

Sunbathing or sunbed in the last 24 hours

Use of acne treatments such as Roaccutane (tablet form) for body waxing (no waxing for 6 months) and avoid area where topical treatment has been applied.


Allergies or intolerances to certain products ( please ask your therapist for more information)

Previous sensitivity to waxing must be reported.

Pregnancy, let your therapist know if you are or think you may be pregnant.

Or anything you think may cause a problem.

Failure to advise us of any of the above, could result in a less than perfect waxing experience, so please do tell us if there is anything you are not sure of.




We list the single price. Savings can be made by purchasing a course of 6 you get one free!!   So

Buy 5 get one free or multiples. 

Area                                       Prices from -                                 New Client from                                   

G String                                       £22.00                                                                   

Brazillian                                     £28.00 (Regular clients)                £33                                         

Hollywood                                   £30.00  (Regular clients)               £35                        

Regular Bikini line                         £15.00                                                                      

Underarm                                      £10.00                                                                      

Post depilation Hair Growth Retardent applied straight after waxing to slow down the growth and strength of the hairs, clinically proven.  From £2  Please ask for more information.

N B     If you come for regular treatments then the "from" price will be charged.  For clients coming less frequently the price will be worked out according to the amount of growth and the time it takes.

Facial hair           From    £ 4.00    

Lycon Hot wax may be used on legs, arms, chests or back where the hairgrowth is very strong and short, ask for information, it will be more expensive than strip waxing because of the time it takes to perform hot wax on larger areas.

For other large areas we use Lycon Azuline  Warm Wax, same fantastic ingredients as the Hot Wax. This wax melts at a low temperature and is applied super thinly and removed with cotton strips.

 Area                                                        From - Single Treatment     

1/2 Leg (from above knee to foot/toes)                  £14                                  

Upper Leg (Knee to Bikini Line)                             £16                                                        

Full Leg                                                                  £20                                   

Bikini Line (light growth)                                        £ 6                                       

Arm Wax                                                               £10                                      

To help reduce the growth of hairs we use a concentrated spray from Katherine Daniels, which you can also purchase for home use.  It will reduce the strength and thickness of the hair and assist in discouraging ingrown hairs, if used twice a day after waxing.  £33.50 for 200ml it is very economical in use as only a small amount is required.

After waxing it is important to take care of your newly waxed area by avoiding certain things:

For 12 - 24 hours after treatment avoid:-

Use of Perfumed products in the area

No deodortant on underarms

No sunbathing, hot baths or showers

Avoid swimming or other exercise that makes you sweat

Avoid touching the area excessively

Avoid sexual activity 

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